When you sign up and play Command Crisis, you are acknowledging that you have read and accept the terms and conditions outlined on our site.

Users who do not comply with this agreement, can be blocked, deleted or suffer other type of punishments the game administration considers appropriate.

Users can only have one account in each game server.

The use of one account by different users (account-sharing) is prohibited.

Shared IP addresses, used by more than one player per server, are forbidden. Users may request a shared IP permission for certain situations where they need to login in public or shared networks, allowing Command Crisis to keep their accounts under surveillance in order to avoid any abuse. Command Crisis reserves the right to grant and/or revoke such permissions.

The use of open proxies or any software with the purpose of avoiding our IP detection system, is prohibited.

Posting in any form, illegal, pornographic, sexual, nude or semi-nude, xenophobic, religious, offensive, commercial or otherwise wrongful content is prohibited.

It is forbidden to impersonate other Command Crisis players or alliances (having the same nickname/tag in a different game server is not considered a violation of this rule).

It is forbidden to use a name from Command Crisis staff or the name Command Crisis itself as nickname or other.

Displaying homeworld coordinates or references to other games on your profile or alliance profile is not allowed.

It is forbidden to exchange game credits for real money or account upgrades.

It is forbidden to offer or request real money (including account upgrades) to other players in exchange for game services.

It is prohibited to load any sites of Command Crisis with any other programs than web browsers. As is forbidden to use tools that simulate or replace the web interface. The same applies to scripts that load or read site pages (making actions or collecting data). Is prohibited to use auto-refresh functions, tools to fast open several pages and other browser integrated mechanisms of this nature.

Game accounts are personal and nontransferable. If the control of an account is transfered to another person, no disciplinary action will be taken, but Command Crisis will not recognize it as a different owner. Announcing the interest in the sale or purchase of a game account using any means of communication provided by Command Crisis is strictly forbidden.

Disrespecting the game staff may incur in an account suspension or ban. Users must respect the judgment of admins and game operators, any complaint must be presented in a respectful way by email.

User inappropriate behavior in the Command Crisis forum may result in his game account suspension or ban.

Users must do nothing that interferes with the ability of other Command Crisis members to enjoy playing the game in accordance with its rules, or that increases our expense or difficulty in maintaining the service.

Any exploitation of a weakness or a bug of the game or in one of our systems is forbidden. Sharing these exploits with other players is also forbidden. Users are required to report bugs or exploits to Command Crisis staff.

Any attempt to access our servers, protected or coded data, any hacking, is forbidden. Decompilation or reverse engineering of our game is also forbidden.

Any credit purchases made to Command Crisis are only valid to that specific account/server, and are non-refundable and non-transferable. Charge-backs are grounds for account cancellation.

It is the user responsibility to have a strong and complex password and to keep it safe and for themself only. If the user fail this, or the security of the user computer was compromised, we will not take responsibility for the consequences of anyone accessing the user account.

To help maintain the stability of the site, Accounts of users who have not purchased credits may be deleted if members don't login in a period of 15 days.

We encourage users to promote Command Crisis. However, employing any of the following methods of promotion is forbidden: spam, bulk mail, bulk forum postings, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, and unsolicited instant messages.

Command Crisis has the right to change the terms and conditions of this site at any time.

We cannot be held responsible for unforeseen or uncontrollable events involving member participation, technical issues, problems with our reserve fund, or legislation. Events of this nature may occur in the necessity of close the site.

We are not liable in any way for server breakdown, faulty programming etc. The occurrence of any disadvantages for a user resulting from server breakdowns, faulty programming etc. does not entitle the user to claim the recovery of his account's status before the occurrence.

Users agree to receive periodic emails regarding the site, the game account, and suggested programs. We will not share users email or personal information with others.

We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone.

Due to privacy reasons, complaints and inquires regarding particular accounts shall be disclosed only to their owners.

All accounts, including their homeworlds, units, credits, etc. are virtual objects of the game. The user does not obtain ownership or any other rights to any data pertaining to Command Crisis. All rights are reserved by Command Crisis. No rights, in particular no exploitation rights, are assigned to the user. We reserve the right to restart the game if we deem it necessary.

We are not liable for any damages caused by the use of Command Crisis.

We remind users that excessive participation in computer games involves the risk of serious personal injury.

Command Crisis is a dynamic game. New features and changes of any kind can be made on the game at any time.

It is not our intention to break any laws. If you participate, it is up to you to check the laws applicable in your area.

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